About Us

iMessage App for Windows is a bridge or platform for you to connect your iMessage App services to your Windows computer. Traditionally, you had to use a Mac computer to access the iMessage App. However, we have many tips to help you install the iMessage App directly on your Windows computer. And when you install the iMessage App on Windows. Then you can also send and receive messages on your laptop or Windows.


Most people don’t use Macs due to compatibility issues. Many people use a combination of a Windows laptop and an iPhone. Therefore, it would be a good idea to use the iMessage App with your Windows computer. This is why people prefer to download the iMessage App for Windows. Here you can share attractive messages, texts, files, documents, images, and emojis. iMessage App is a wonderful experience that you can also enjoy on your Windows machine.

As mentioned above, the iMessage App is an iPhone extension. While Android uses traditional text messaging, iPhone supports multimedia text messaging with emojis and many other special features. iMessage App is Apple’s instant messaging service. It works like WhatsApp or Hike. But it supports more functions. You can also create your own personalized stickers and messages with the iMessage App. The latest iPhone 10 also allows you to create your avatar from emojis and use them with iMessage to explore yourself better. And we will show you how to download the iMessage App for Windows.

However, you can still use traditional text messaging to talk to other people. But it is a bit expensive in some areas. Because iMessage App works on the Internet. You can send and receive thousands of messages without paying your operator’s bill. And when you install the iMessage App on Windows, you can continue your chat message on your desktop while your phone is charging!


iMessage App Uses

iMessage App has many features that make it unique from the others:

  • iMessage App is faster than SMS or MMS.
  • Delivery and reading/visa reports.
  • It works over Wi-Fi, so you can send SMS even without mobile data.
  • Supports stickers, live photos, and Apple emojis.
  • Supports emojis.
  • iMessage App has no character restrictions.
  • Possibility of uploading photos and videos.
  • iMessage App has end-to-end encryption for added security and privacy.
  • You can send text messages from your iMac or Macbook.